Text Messaging for Business

Receiving text messages on your business phone number is not a trend, it's a necessity. The ever evolving customers want easier forms of communication and demand sending text messages to businesses. Is your business ready to answer the call?

Now it's time to turn up the text messaging capabilities of your existing phone numbers and enable your customers to reach you via SMS. It's easier than you think and with Message Hopper’s intelligent texting capabilities, you can use your email to receive and respond to SMS messages or have Message Hopper automatically respond to the most common inquiries!!

Facts :

  • Enable your clients to text your business and if you are not offering it, you’re sending your customers to your competition.
  • Mostly every phone number can be text enabled and it only takes 7 business days to do so.
  • Its very inexpensive to add this important communication channel to your communications arsenal.
  • A lot of people had second thoughts about adopting a fax line, email address or website back in day; but as you know, it's impossible to run a business without them. Texting is also becoming a necessity for any business.


  • Intelligent / Interactive Auto Response

    IITR engine can be trained to automatically answer simple text messages in real time based on time of the day, week or on special occasions.

  • Receive and Send text messages in variety of ways

    Text messages can be sent or received via your email, a secure web portal or cell phones.

  • Multi-user/agent environment

    Allows multiple staff members receive and respond to the text messages from the same number.

  • Retain your existing customers and obtain new ones

    Customers love easy communications and choose to do business with places that provide them.

  • Low Cost of Adoption

    Its very inexpensive to enable text messaging to your business number. Please see our pricing plans.

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