Text Message Notifications

With unprecedented adoption of cell phones, text messaging is the most conviniente and efficient method of communication to immediately reach almost everyone using messaging notification services. By uploading a simple list to our servers, you can send dynamic messages to targeted smartphones in a very short period of time.
Our subscribers utilize our reliable cloud messaging services for the following use cases:

  • Appointment reminders
    Helps reduce cancelled appointments and no shows by sending a friendly reminder text message that will be received and noticed in real time.
  • Mass notifications
    Send alerts, event notifications, etc to a large number of targeted audience in real time.
  • Polls and Surveys
    A very effective and rather trivial method to obtain feedback from your audience by sending a concise survey form and gather responses.
  • 2 Way messaging
    Obtain audience responses via SMS and communicate with individual responders via our web portal messaging board.


  • Fast communications

    SMS messages are being sent and received in real time and more importantly noticed in almost real time which makes it the most effective and quick method of communication.

  • Vast adoption

    Almost everyone has a cell phone! Reach almost everyone using SMS messaging.

  • Immediate outreach

    SMS messages are noticed and read much faster that telephone calls and emails.

  • Integration to MS Outlook and other Calendars

    With our cloud messaging platform integration to MS Outlook and other selected Calendar systems, automated reminder SMS messages will be sent to the attendees

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