Reminder Call Notifications

Cloud based reminder service significantly helps reduce no shows and cancellations. Our reminder service sends automated calls to remind your clients of their appointments and even records their responses for further review. Here is an example of a an automated call to remind John of his appointment to see his optometrist.

Hi John; This is medical practice XYZ to remind you of your upcoming appointment with Dr. Jones in our beachfront location. Please press 1 to confirm your appointment or press 3 to speak to someone in our office…


  • Reduce no shows and cancellations

    Reminder calls have been proved to be very effective to reduce the no shows

  • Reduce expenses

    Automated Reminder Calls are much less expensive than a staff member making reminder calls

  • Two way communication to obtain responses

    Responses such as confirmations or cancellations automatically recorded in our system.

  • Retain your existing customers and obtain new ones

    Customers love easy communications and choose to do business with places that provide them.

  • Real-time reporting

    Detailed call reporting is available in our web portal few minutes after a call reminder campaign is complete.

  • Better customer satisfaction

    Effective communication results in better customer satisfaction

  • Increase staff productivity

    Staff members can address other important office tasks rather than doing what an automated system can do more effectively.

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